The scientific project in Computer Science at GSSI focuses on modelling, programming and managing systems where discrete and continuous phenomena are present and persistent interaction between artificial systems and between humans is foreseen. The starting points of our investigations are the problems posed by:

  • the need to deal with heterogeneous networks
  • the possibility to access potentially unlimited hardware and software resources
  • the need to elaborate in real time massive amounts of data
  • the inherent levels of uncertainty in complex distributed systems

All of these issues call for a multidisciplinary education founded on firm modelling and reasoning capabilities. Research and graduate studies in Computer Science at GSSI will be concerned with models, algorithms, languages and software methodologies to successfully face the present and future challenges of the digital world. The ubiquitous and pervasive nature of computing devices and sensors leads to a future in which our surrounding environment will appear as a seamless composition of physical and virtual entities. The visions of “Internet of things”, “cyber-physical systems”, and “systems of systems” are all declinations of the same physical-virtual paradigm in different application domains. Research at GSSI tackles a number of grand challenges for the design, implementation, management and use of systems that will need to act on physical entities and interact with virtual ones in order to efficiently and trustworthily perform the task for which they have been devised.