Accepted papers

  • Deriving Effective Permissions for Modeling Artifacts from Fine-grained Access Control Rules. Csaba Debreceni, Gabor Bergman, Istvan Rath and Daniel Varro
  • Approaching Collaborative Modeling as an Uncertainty Reduction Process. Romina Eramo, Alfonso Pierantonio and Gianni Rosa
  • Engineering Process Transformation to Manage (In)consistency. István Dávid, Joachim Denil, Klaas Gadeyne and Hans Vangheluwe
  • Towards Inconsistency Tolerance by Quantification of Semantic Inconsistencies. István Dávid, Eugene Syriani, Clark Verbrugge, Didier Buchs, Dominique Blouin, Antonio Cichetti and Ken Vanherpen
  • A model-driven approach for the development of CSCL tools that considers pedagogical usability. Ana Isabel Molina Díaz, Jesús Gallardo Casero, Christian Xavier Navarro Cota and Miguel Ángel Redondo Duque