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Associate Professor
Gran Sasso Science Institute
Viale F. Crispi, 7
67100 L'Aquila (Italy)
meOffice: Palazzo Mariani P1-N
meemail ['.'/'dot']
me+39 0862 428 0312

News about eM

  • September 26, 2020: LMCS paper on WSI published!
    September 17, 2020: Listening the incredibly convincing argument of Phil Rogaway on why CS is NOT the solution!
    September 04, 2020: Submittd the final version of an LMCS paper; now working on 'fishes' ;)
    September 02, 2020: Gone fishing: restarting the work on formal models of the platform developed at Actyx (www.actyx.com)
    August 27, 2020: Concur paper on line
    August 20, 2020: OSP paper revised and submitted
    August 17, 2020: working on these webpages
    August 16, 2020: still contemplating
    August 14, 2020: travelling
    August 13, 2020: preparing for a small trip by car
  • Fun & not so fun stuff