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postdoc MSCA-PF post-doctoral hosting opportunity available at INRIA (Lille) under the supervision of Simon Bliudze. See details and get in touch if interested.

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Associate Professor
Gran Sasso Science Institute
Viale F. Crispi, 7
67100 L'Aquila (Italy)
meOffice: Palazzo Mariani P1-N
Office Hours: always keen to meet; just drop me an email to fix a meeting.
meemail ['.'/'dot']
me+39 0862 428 0312


  • August 10, 2022: PSTMonitor paper online
    June 19, 2022: Visiting Antonio Ravara at NOVA
    June 13, 2022: Participation at DISCOTEC
    June 10, 2022: Participation at ECOOP
    April 30, 2022: ECOOP paper accepted
    February 03, 2022: Paper on refinement of choreography accepted at JLAMP
    February 01, 2022: Working on PRIN 2022
    January 31, 2022: Silver medal at TACAS/SV-COMP 2022
    January 27, 2022: SV-COMP paper accepted!
    January 25, 2022: Rebuttal done...fingers crossed :)
  • Events

    FACS 2022 (deadline: 24/06 and 4/07/2022)
    ICTCS 2022
    FM2023 (deadline: 4 and 9/9/2022)
    DisCoTec (deadline: 28/01/2022)
    CONCUR 2022 (deadline: 18/4/2022)
    ISoLA (deadline: 31/3/2022)

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