Students are encouraged to follow courses that fit with the topic of their PhD theses also at summer schools or at other institutions in Italy or abroad. Before registering for such schools, students should seek the authorization of the coordinator of the PhD programme and of their internal tutor. Typically, students can follow up to two external courses or summer schools.

After having attended a PhD school or a course at another institution, a student should

  • submit to the coordinator of the PhD programme a short written report describing the topics and the presentations as well as the areas for future research suggested by the lecturers he/she found most interesting, and
  • deliver a 20-minute talk to students and faculty at the GSSI describing the content of the report.
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Send an email to the course lecturer with a cc to Luca Aceto ( and Michele Flammini (  In case you know that you are going to be absent for some period of time, please inform Luca Aceto and Michele Flammini well in advance.

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The exam for each course can be attempted twice.

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Every student of the PhD program in Computer Science must attend all courses. Moreover, they must pass the exams
of the following courses:

  • ALL three immigration courses (90 hours total);
  • 1 core course for each pillar (42 hours total);
  • 4 core courses of the student’s choice (56 hours total).

See page 4 of the PhD Rules available at PHD rules

 Advanced courses do not have final exams.
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Immigration and core courses are evaluated using the following grades: A (excellent), B (good), C (sufficient) and D (insufficient). The grades for the courses are only used as an internal reference.

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