A PDF of the programme can be found here


  • The conference starts with a reception at 6pm on Monday 11th September at GSSI
  • The talks take place on Tueday 12th, Wednesday 13th, and half of Thursday 14th September 2017 at GSSI
  • There will be a social event on Wednesday a visit to Grotte di Stiffe, the unique "Risorgenza Attiva" in Italy (i.e. a large complex of grottos containing an underground river).
  • The conference dinner is at 8pm on Wednesday 13th September at Ristorante Relais Elodia (map here)

Quick links to the program for: Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday.

Monday 11th September

17:00-19:00 Registration Desk opens at GSSI
19:00-21:00 Welcome Reception at GSSI

Tuesday 12th September

09:30-10:30Invited talk - Influence Maximization in Unknown NetworksNicole Immorlica
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-11:20On Black-Box Transformations in Downward-Closed EnvironmentsWarut Suksompong
11:20-11:40Agent Incentives of Strategic Behavior in Resource ExchangeZhou Chen, Yukun Cheng, Xiaotie Deng, Qi Qi and Xiang Yan
11:40-12:00A 3-Player Protocol Preventing Persistence in Strategic Contention with Limited FeedbackGeorge Christodoulou, Martin Gairing, Sotiris Nikoletseas, Christoforos Raptopoulos and Paul Spirakis
12:00-12:20Hedging under Uncertainty: Regret Minimization Meets Exponentially Fast ConvergenceJohanne Cohen, Amélie Heliou and Panayotis Mertikopoulos
14:00-14:25Best Paper: Tight Welfare Guarantees for Pure Nash Equilibria of the Uniform Price AuctionGeorgios Birmpas, Evangelos Markakis, Orestis Telelis and Artem Tsikiridis
14:25-14:50Best Paper: Online Random Sampling for Budgeted SettingsAlon Eden, Michal Feldman and Adi Vardi
14:50-15:10Liquid Price of AnarchyYossi Azar, Michal Feldman, Nikolai Gravin and Alan Roytman
15:10-15:30Liquid Welfare Maximization in Auctions with Multiple ItemsPinyan Lu and Tao Xiao
15:30-15:50Position Ranking and Auctions for Online MarketplacesLeon Yang Chu, Hamid Nazerzadeh and Heng Zhang
15:50-16:20Coffee Break
16:20-16:40Tradeoffs Between Information and Ordinal Approximation for Bipartite MatchingElliot Anshelevich and Wennan Zhu
16:40-17:00Group Strategyproof Pareto-Stable Marriage with Indifferences via the Generalized Assignment GameNevzat Onur Domaniç, Chi-Kit Lam and C. Gregory Plaxton
17:00-17:20Stable Marriage with Covering Constraints – A Complete Computational TrichotomyMatthias Mnich and Ildikó Schlotter
17:20-17:40Fairly Allocating Contiguous Blocks of Indivisible ItemsWarut Suksompong
17:40-18:00Approximate Maximin Shares for Groups of AgentsWarut Suksompong

Wednesday 13th September

09:00-10:00Invited talk - Prophet Inequalities Made Easy: Stochastic Optimization by Pricing Non-Stochastic InputsMichal Feldman
10:00-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-10:50Reconciling Selfish Routing with Social GoodSoumya Basu, Ger Yang, Thanasis Lianeas, Evdokia Nikolova and Yitao Chen
10:50-11:10Selfish Network Creation with Non-Uniform Edge CostAnkit Chauhan, Pascal Lenzner, Anna Melnichenko and Louise Molitor
11:10-11:30Efficient Best Response Computation for Strategic Network Formation under AttackTobias Friedrich, Sven Ihde, Christoph Keßler, Pascal Lenzner, Stefan Neubert and David Schumann
11:30-11:50The Efficiency of Best-Response DynamicsMichal Feldman, Yuval Snappir and Tami Tamir
11:50-12:10Path Deviations Outperform Approximate Stability in Heterogeneous Congestion GamesPieter Kleer and Guido Schaefer
14:00-14:20On the Nucleolus of Shortest Path GamesMourad Baiou and Francisco Barahona
14:20-14:40Earning Limits in Fisher Markets with Spending-Constraint UtilitiesXiaohui Bei, Jugal Garg, Martin Hoefer and Kurt Mehlhorn
14:40-15:00Robustness Among Multiwinner Voting RulesRobert Bredereck, Piotr Faliszewski, Andrzej Kaczmarczyk, Rolf Niedermeier, Piotr Skowron and Nimrod Talmon
15:00-15:20Group Activity Selection on Graphs: Parameterized AnalysisSushmita Gupta, Sanjukta Roy, Saket Saurabh and Meirav Zehavi
15:20-15:50Coffee Break
15:50-16:10Conditional Value-at-Risk: Structure and Complexity of EquilibriaMarios Mavronicolas and Burkhard Monien
16:10-16:30The Real Computational Complexity of Minmax Value and Equilibrium Refinements in Multi-player gamesKristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen
16:30-16:50Computing Constrained Approximate Equilibria in Polymatrix GamesArgyrios Deligkas, John Fearnley and Rahul Savani
17:45-20:00Social Event: visit at Grotte di Stiffe
20:00-23:00Conference Dinner at Ristorante Relais Elodia

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place at 8pm on Wednesday at Ristorante Relais Elodia.

Thursday 14th September

09:30-10:30Invited talk - Algorithms for Nash Social Welfare and Markets with Satiation Martin Hoefer
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-11:20On Proportional Allocation in Hedonic GamesMartin Hoefer and Wanchote Jiamjitrak
11:20-11:40Opinion Formation Games with Aggregation and Negative InfluenceMarkos Epitropou, Dimitris Fotakis, Martin Hoefer and Stratis Skoulakis
11:40-12:00Asymptotic Existence of Fair Divisions for GroupsPasin Manurangsi and Warut Suksompong
12:00-12:20The Spectrum of Equilibria for the Colonel Blotto and the Colonel Lotto GamesMarcin Dziubinski
12:20-12:30Closing Remarks