Sirocco 2019 will be held at Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI).

GSSI is located in the heart of L’Aquila historic city centre. L’Aquila is a city in the centre of Italy, at about 110 Km (68 miles) to the east of Rome and about 100 Km (62 miles) to the west of Pescara.

About L’Aquila

A list of useful readings to prepare your visit to L’Aquila:


We have reserved a set of rooms for SIROCCO attendees, and arranged an according delegate rate, at the above hotels, as follows:


L’Aquila can be easily reached from both the main airports of Rome (i.e. Fiumicino and Ciampino). In particular, an express coach service, directly connecting both Fiumicino and Ciampino Airports to L’Aquila, is available, operated by Gaspari. The trip takes about 1h45m from Fiumicino and 1h15m from Ciampino. For any detail about fares and schedules, please visit their website
When in L’Aquila, Gaspari buses stop at Hotel Amiternum. From there you can take any bus going towards the city center and get off at Collemaggio Terminal Bus. Also taxi cabs are typically available at Hotel Amiternum. Otherwise, you can call the radio-taxi company (phone: +39 0862 25165, web:

You can check the website of Trenitalia railway company ( where you can find trains to Rome Tiburtina. The “Freccialink service” provides combinations of trains to Rome and Freccialink buses to L’Aquila. The meeting point for Freccialink buses in Rome is just in front of the exit of Tiburtina train station and the service specifically waits for passengers whose destination is L’Aquila.
In L’Aquila, the stop is in front of the train station, about 2 km from GSSI (you can reach GSSI by bus or taxi, see above). There are also daily buses running from Rome Tiburtina railway station to L’Aquila (bus parking lot is in front of the station’s main entrance). TUA/ARPA buses final stop in L’Aquila is the bus terminal, located in the “Collemaggio” Park. From there, GSSI is at walking distance (around 500 mt). Gaspari buses also connect Rome Tiburtina with L’Aquila (for more information see airplane instructions above).

Drivers can take highway A24 from Rome and then exit “L’Aquila Ovest”. Follow the road signs to the city center and, in particular, those with the GSSI logo.