24 July, Wednesday, 09.00 AM
Main Hall

Smart Governance

Starting from addressing the key issues in digital transformation for cities, the module will explore how a smart governance organisation is essential for cities that want to design and deploy a smart city strategy or a digital transformation strategy. The module will do that through the analysis of a number of examples on how smart governance is organised. The conclusive part of the module will also explore how cutting concepts such Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and emerging technologies (AI, IoT, blockchain) can affect the governance structure and the relationship between local authorities, citizens and businesses.
The students will be invited to design the building blocks of smart city strategy and of a smart governance organisations from existing work done in the EU Digital Cities Challenge project.


  • 1 - Introduction on the concept of digital transformation for cities

  • 2 - Exploring smart governance concepts for managing smart city strategies

  • 3 - Designing a digital transformation strategy and a smart governance structure

  • 4 - Exploring the evolution of the concept of governance towards decentralised forms of governance (for example DAO)

  • 5 - The impact of emerging technologies on smart governance

  • Exercise / Tutorial Session

    Using the EU Digital Cities Challenge experience, designing the building blocks of a digital transformation strategy and its smart governance structure."