Julian Tait

Julian Tait CEO at Open Data Manchester

Julian is co-founder and CEO of Open Data Manchester CIC, an organisation that seeks to help cities, organisations and communities understand the power of data. He is passionate advocate for digital technologies that can help build more resilient communities, develop new forms of economic activity and give people a stake in the process of governance and decision making. He has been involved in developing projects and advocating for open and accessible data infrastructure, through engaging and building communities of practice within cities since 2009. He co-developed the Open Data Cities programme in Manchester, UK, DataGM – The Greater Manchester Datastore, and has had involvement with many other local, national and European open data initiatives. He has also been involved in the writing of the Open Data Handbook, The Open Book and other papers. Current organisational focus is around open data standards in procurement, waste and recycling, and the application of IoT technologies within cities.

Open Data

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