Accepted Papers

Sonja Biedermann, Monika Henzinger, Christian Schulz and Bernhard Schuster. Memetic Graph Clustering
Frances Cooper and David Manlove. A 3/2-approximation algorithm for the Student-Project Allocation problem
Kazuya Haraguchi. An Efficient Local Search for the Minimum Independent Dominating Set Problem
Sahar Bsaybes, Alain Quilliot and Annegret Wagler. Fleet management for autonomous vehicles using multicommodity coupled flows in time-expanded networks
Alexandra Henzinger, Alexander Noe and Christian Schulz. ILP-based Local Search for Graph Partitioning
Markus Chimani, Ivo Hedtke and Tilo Wiedera. Exact Algorithms for the Maximum Planar Subgraph Problem: New Models and Experiments
Shixun Huang, Zhifeng Bao, Shane Culpepper, Ping Zhang and Bang Zhang. A linear-time algorithm for finding induced planar subgraphs
Kosuke Matsumoto, Kohei Hatano and Eiji Takimoto. Decision Diagrams for solving a job scheduling problem under precedence constraints
Sebastian Schlag, Peter Sanders and Tobias Heuer. Network Flow-Based Refinement for Multilevel Hypergraph Partitioning
Martin Wilhelm. Restructuring expression dags for efficient parallelization
Krzysztof Kiljan and Marcin Pilipczuk. Experimental Evaluation of Parameterized Algorithms for Feedback Vertex Set
Michał Ziobro and Marcin Pilipczuk. Finding Hamiltonian Cycle in Graphs of Bounded Treewidth: Experimental Evaluation
Wojciech Nadara, Marcin Pilipczuk, Roman Rabinovich, Felix Reidl and Sebastian Siebertz. Empirical Evaluation of Approximation Algorithms for Generalized Graph Coloring and Uniform Quasi-Wideness
Kateřina Altmanová, Dušan Knop and Martin Koutecký. Evaluating and Tuning n-fold Integer Programming
Solon Pissis and Ahmad Retha. Dictionary Matching in Elastic-Degenerate Texts with Applications in Searching VCF Files On-line
Adolfo Piperno. Isomorphism test for digraphs with weighted edges
Vinicius De Novaes Guimarães Pereira, Mário César San Felice, Pedro Henrique Hokama and Eduardo Xavier. The Steiner Multi Cycle Problem with applications to a Collaborative Truckload Problem
Valentin Buchhold, Peter Sanders and Dorothea Wagner. Real-Time Traffic Assignment Using Fast Queries in Customizable Contraction Hierarchies
Djamal Belazzougui, Fabio Cunial and Olgert Denas. Fast matching statistics in small space
Petteri Kaski, Juho Lauri and Suhas Thejaswi. Engineering motif search for large motifs
M. Oguzhan Kulekci. An Ambiguous Coding Scheme for Selective Encryption of High-Entropy Volumes
Luca Castelli Aleardi, Gaspard Denis and Eric Fusy. Fast spherical drawing of triangulations: an experimental study of graph drawing tools
Bastien Cazaux, Samuel Juhel and Eric Rivals. Practical lower and upper bounds for the Shortest Linear Superstring
Michael Bastubbe, Marco Lübbecke and Jonas Witt. A Computational Investigation on the Strength of Dantzig-Wolfe Reformulations
Krishnapriya A M, Meghana Nasre, Prajakta Nimbhorkar and Amit Rawat. How good are Popular Matchings?
Ruslan Shaydulin and Ilya Safro. Aggregative Coarsening for Multilevel Hypergraph Partitioning
Abu Reyan Ahmed, Patrizio Angelini, Faryad Darabi Sahneh, Alon Efrat, David Glickenstein, Martin Gronemann, Niklas Heinsohn, Stephen Kobourov, Richard Spence, Joe Watkins and Alexander Wolff. Multi-Level Steiner Trees
Jean-Francois Baffier, Yago Diez Donoso and Matias Korman. Experimental Study of Compressed Stack Algorithms in Limited Memory Environments
Yu Nakahata, Jun Kawahara and Shoji Kasahara. Enumerating Graph Partitions Without Too Small Connected Components Using Zero-suppressed Binary and Ternary Decision Diagrams
Nafiseh Sedaghat, Tamon Stephen and Leonid Chindelevitch. Speeding up Dualization in the Fredman-Khachiyan Algorithm B